What's the difference between Absolute Matt Emulsion and Intelligent Matt Emulsion?

Absolute Matt Emulsion is our original classic flat paint for walls, and has the most matt finish of any Little Greene paints. Intelligent Matt Emulsion is the most popular of our ‘Intelligent Paints’ family and is completely washable – so the recommended choice if you have children or pets, and for high traffic areas that are more prone to marking.


What is a VOC?

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compound and these contribute to atmospheric pollution when they evaporate (while you're painting). There are chemicals used in all industries that are classified as VOCs, from paints and building materials to soaps and cleaning products. As a rule of thumb, water based paints generally very little VOCs, whilst traditional oil based paints contain some, but in very insignificant levels. If you suffer with asthma it’s definitely worth choosing a zero VOC paint, otherwise the decision is usually just a preference for one type of paint over another.


What do I use to rinse out/clean my paintbrushes?

For water based paints, use water and for oil based paints, use white spirit or a specific solvent-based cleaner


How many coats of paint will I need?

There are conditions specific to your project than can affect this, but as a rule of thumb we would always recommend a minimum of two coats. Our paints have an excellent reputation for coverage; they are formulated on a high-opacity base and contain up to 40% more pigment than ordinary decorative paints. Using a tinted primer undercoat will significantly help achieve a full and accurate depth of colour, whilst also priming the surface underneath.